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About Us.

What we do 

With our Telco Insight services, we give our industry users advantage through having the best and fullest picture on what’s really going on inside and around top telcos and their supply chain.

Our Telco Insight is comprehensive (global and local), unvarnished (we’re avowedly independent) and accessible.

We look deeply and widely into everything about top telcos’ businesses and operations, sharing considered and contextualised findings. Our interest and focus is on what is strategic, innovative, and interesting to users, i.e. what is valuable and actionable.

Our insight is built on deep, granular research and intelligence, objective human analysis, and unmatched subject knowledge. We find, distil, analyse, verify, and contextualise all the data in one place, so you don’t have to.

With our insight being the foundation, we also offer unparalleled telco account-based marketing solutions that leverage our unrivalled direct channel and reach inside the telcos, with content-creation and advertising opportunities to help vested suppliers better reach and engage inside target telco audiences.

In addition, we support telco account relationship strategy consulting, with our consultants and analysts helping larger account teams with strategy, targeting, alignment, messaging, development and execution.

Our story

In 1999, we commenced thorough, independent, and neutral reporting and analysis into what really goes on inside specific telco organisations, initially selling this information and insight to suppliers, competitors and investors. Our clients then began telling us that what they loved most about our insight was that people inside the telcos being covered would ask them what was happening inside their own organisations.

Since 2007, we have been offering Account-Based Marketing solutions (Telco ABM) to enable our clients to ‘talk’ to an influential and exclusive audience inside major telcos. Even with the plethora of options out there, you’ll be hard-pushed to find another channel or medium that delivers even one-fifth of the quality and seniority of audience that we engage.

Today, our largest user base and the heaviest consumers of our insight are the employees inside the telcos we analyse, across every role, function, geography and seniority-level (right up to board level).

In fact, we receive consistently excellent user feedback, with our Net Promoter Score from users amongst the best in the world at 80+.


Trusted by telcos for over 20 years.

For over 20 years, our insight has been trusted by and relied upon by tens of thousands of telco employees and suppliers. We help them to maximise their understanding of the telco ecosystems within which they operate.

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